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The solution to your shade problem

The ORN lighting rig will help you maintain sward coverage and density under shaded and high wear areas.

It can also be used on Tees where you will want to force more growth, thanks to it being switchable between high and low light modes.

  • Compact in size and easy to move around the course to spot treat small problem areas
  • The lamp height above the turf is 1.28 m
  • Closer to the ground to reduce light spillage
  • Fitted with 5 lamps, either five or three can be on at once to vary light intensity
  • Extendable rig – with one or two additional light booms*
  • Position the rig directly above a problem area to focus light uniformly
  • Low maintenance and easy to service
  • ORN can be parked built up or stored packed down
  • Enclosed lights for durability during transportation and safety in use
Light bulbs Master GreenPower
Plus 1000 W EL
Master GreenPower
Plus 600 W EL
Average PPFD 296 µmol/m2/s 148 µmol/m2/s
DLI 25.6 mol/m2/day 12.8 µmol/m2/s
Treated area    
Single boom
*Double booms
*Triple booms
25 m2
50 m2
75 m2
16 m2
32 m2
48 m2