Ultimate control
and accuracy.

The new Anglemaster 4500 is the latest sharpening solution from Bernhard and Company. It provides a fully customisable platform for your bedknife sharpening needs – giving you flexibility on how, what and the way you sharpen.

NEW Responsive 7.5” screen

providing grinding selection for precision, consistency with options of grinding methods

7.5 inch touch screen

NEW Main grind motor

offers variable speed, allows you to match the right stone for the right blade

Laser technology

NEW RFID technology*

allows recall of previous setups and different users

  • Contactless cards for managing mower fleet set up
  • Fast loading of settings and ability to save amendments to cards
  • User login card for personalisation and record of operator activities
RFID technology

NEW Blade mounting bar

with tri-magnet design for quick and consistent setup

Blade mounting bar
Express Dual 5500

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